Lara Sigurdson & Dr. Carol McMaster’s Psychological Network

Lara Sigurdson (Mason) and Dr. Carol McMaster have team of mental health professionals that offer counselling, psychotherapy and assessment to residents of Simcoe County. We have two offices centrally located in Barrie, Ontario. We offer short and long term individual counseling for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Couples counselling can also be provided, along with a number of different types of psychological assessments (psychoeducational, cognitive, capacity, vocational, and motor vehicle accident)

Are you struggling to move forward in life, but don’t have a clear understanding of what is holding you back?

  • Are you looking to reduce the emotional distress of depression, anxiety or other psychological challenges?
  • Do you hope to develop a deeper understanding of yourself?
  • Is your child struggling at school, and you suspect they have a learning difficulty, but aren’t sure?
  • Do you need a safe, private place to talk about issues that are too difficult to discuss with loved ones?
  • Would you like to become more self-aware and live life in a more mindful and fulfilling manner?

These are just some of the reasons why people, like you, seek out therapy

You are welcomed to browse this website for more detailed information on our services and counselors.

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Our group of Barrie counsellors, psychometrists, psychotherapists and psychologists address a wide range of problems that life sometimes challenges us with such as depression, relationship difficulties, addictions, health challenges, trauma and loss. This all takes place in a professional, confidential environment. As counselors we offer a safe place to work through your challenges in a supportive, mutually respectful atmosphere.

At times life can be rewarding, joyous and full of opportunities for growth. Unfortunately, we also have times when life seems difficult, painful and unpredictable. Reaching out for help in those periods is often difficult for many of us. We may feel ashamed or embarrassed and may feel like we should be able to manage these things on our own. Or perhaps what is holding us back is something that we have never talked about before.

Society’s thoughts about receiving counselling, or therapy has changed dramatically over the years. It is no longer seen as a sign of weakness or inability to manage life well. Asking for help is a sign of strength. More and more struggling people, families and couples recognize the value of counseling and the relief from symptoms it offers. There is a much more holistic philosophy to well-being – not only do we focus on the body, but the mind must be tended to and cared for as well. The result is the rates of individuals seeking out a reputable psychologist or psychological associate have risen dramatically.


Our network also provides comprehension psychoeducational, vocational, cognitive, capacity and accident assessment services on premises.

Psychoeducational Assessments

You may suspect that your child is struggling with a learning challenge, or the behaviours that they are demonstrating are concerning you. Our practice has extensive experience in identifying and treating specific childhood disorders and supporting families in the process. We have experience working in educational environments. As such, we can make recommendations that will be useful to yourself, schools, and teachers in supporting your child.

Cognitive Assessments

Perhaps you are a college/university student and are having great difficulty doing well, despite putting in a lot of effort. Or maybe you have just started a new career and certain tasks are proving to be very hard for you. Our Barrie counselors also provide complete cognitive assessments for adults, which is often useful in identifying underlying learning difficulties. We all absorb and retain information differently. By identifying your specific mental strengths, you can approach your life and learning so you’re more likely to be successful.

Vocational Assessments

Maybe you are feeling like you would like to make a career change, or perhaps you are a young person struggling with the decision of “what you would like to do with your life?” Vocational testing may be the answer. Through interviewing and testing, a detailed analysis of your interests, acquired experience to date, and natural skills we can help to identify possible areas of work that you would enjoy and be good at. Deciding on a program or major at college/university is sometimes frustrating and overwhelming. Changing your career is a big life choice. Why not do the groundwork so that you make a more informed decision?

Neurological Assessments

Dr. McMaster’s has extensive experience in the assessment of individuals who have been in an accident where they have suffered temporary or permanent injuries. You may be struggling to return to the workplace after an accident. Or perhaps you wish to find other work that you can do as a result of permanent injuries. Maybe need to adjust to not being able to work at all. We can help. We have worked with countless people in similar situations to you.